Charming flowers, though the foliage is rather too hairy. The stout, reddish stems are hairy, brittle, and loosely branching, about a foot tall, and the leaves dull green and hairy. The handsome flowers are in graceful nodding clusters, with a bell-shaped corolla, about an inch long, a rich shade of bluish-purple, the long conspicuous stamens and pistils giving an airy look to the blossoms. The filaments are purple and the anthers almost white and, as in other Phacelias, when the corolla drops off the long forked style remains sticking out of the calyx like a thread. This grows in light shade in rich moist soil in the hills.

Phacelia grrandiflora. Wild Canterbury bell P.Whitlavia.

Phacelia grandiflora. Wild Canterbury-bell-P.Whitlavia.

Wild Canterbury Bell. Phacelia Whitlavia

WATERLEAF FAMILY. Hydrophyllaceae.