A native variable species with an odour like Pennyroyal, growing commonly along the brooks and in moist soils, from six inches to two and a half feet in height, with the whorled flowers seated in the leaf-axils. It is more or less hairy. The long, narrow, prominently ribbed leaf tapers toward both ends, and is slender-stemmed and sharply toothed. The texture is coarse and the surfaces are either roughish or nearly smooth. The little flowers are light purple or nearly white. This plant is frequently mistaken for Peppermint, for which it is sometimes substituted. It may be found from July to October, and ranges from the British possessions to Virginia, Nebraska, New Mexico and Nevada. It is also found in California. This is the only Mint that is truly native to our country. Mentha is derived from Mintha, the Greek nymph and daughter of Cocy-tus, whom Prosperine, the wife of Pluto, is said to have transformed into these plants.