This rather stiff, slender-stemmed, sticky haired, strong-scented, and much-branched annual grows from six inches to two feet high in dry, sandy fields. The toothless, short-stemmed, and nearly smooth, lance-shaped leaves occur in opposite pairs. They are sticky haired, and exhale a balsamic odour, coarsely suggesting that of Pennyroyal. The numerous blue, pink, or rarely white, deeply five-cleft, tubular flowers have ridiculously long, hair-like blue or violet stamens, which extend far beyond the corolla. When the flower opens they are nearly erect, but soon curl gracefully inward, forming a large spiral. The lobes of the corolla spread open, and the lower and longer one is widely flared like a long tongue or lip. They terminate the branches, usually in pairs, and opening in the morning, last only for the day. Some of the flowers grow upside down, owing to the peculiar twisting of their short stems. They blossom from July to October, and range from Maine to Florida, and west through Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Missouri and Texas.