This pretty, fragrant violet distinguishes itself by blooming twice during the season, first in May and again in August. It is also the tallest of its family, growing sometimes two feet in height. It selects the cooler, higher climate of its range which covers hilly or mountainous portions of Newfoundland and the Hudson Bay region to Saskatchewan and south to North Carolina, Tennessee, Nebraska, and in the Rockies, Arizona and New Mexico, during May and June. The small, yellow-centred flower is pale violet in colour, nearly white within, tinged on the outside with pink and veined with purple. The side petals are bearded. The broad, lower petal is yellow at the base and is striped with fine dark lines. It is sharply pinched together at the point and has a short spur. The calyx is lined with a purple tint and the flower is borne singly on a short stem which springs from the angles of the branching leaf stems. The plant is smooth, branching, and light green in colour. The thin-textured, strongly ribbed, heart-shaped leaf has a slightly scalloped margin. It is pointed and wavy, or with the edge partly curled upward. Altogether the plant reminds one a little of the Downy Yellow Violet.