A pretty five-petaled perennial, growing from eight to twenty-four inches high, in swamps and low meadows, from New Brunswick and Manitoba, south to Virginia, Illinois and Iowa. The spreading, broad, oval petals are white or creamy white, veined with delicate, pale-green lines. Five stamens with large anthers alternate with the petals and numerous straw-coloured, imperfect stamens are clustered around the green pistil. The solitary flower is borne on a long, slender stem rising from a loose cluster of basal leaves. Part way up the flower-stem is a single clasping leaf. The long, thickstemmed, heart-shaped leaf is toothless, thick-textured and blunt-pointed. It is often partly curled inward like a scoop and is found in blossom from June to September. This genus has been named from the Greek Mount Parnassus, and the plant was called Grass of Parnassus by Dioscorides. Six or seven species are found in this country.