The bright blue flowers of this handsome Lobelia are found commonly in low, moist or wet soil, generally along streams from July to October. The usually single stalk is rather stout, very leafy, sparingly hairy, and grows from one to three feet high from short, perennial offshoots. The thin, light green leaves are slightly hairy, oval to lance-shaped and irregularly toothed. The upper ones clasp the stalk alternately. The attractive flowers are arranged in a long, dense, terminal, leafy, wand-like spike, and the stiff, hairy, green calyx has five long, slender parts. They are formed similar to those of the Red Lobelia, but the lobes are much shorter, and the stamen tube does not stand out beyond the corolla. They are found from Maine and Ontario to Minnesota and Dakota, and south to Georgia, Louisiana and Kansas.

GREAT, or BLUE LOBELIA. Lobelia siphilitica

GREAT, or BLUE LOBELIA. Lobelia siphilitica.