A variable, tall, stout, rough-hairy and generally purple-stemmed species, commonly found in low, moist thickets and swampy places from July to November. It rises from three to eight feet, and branches widely at the top. The long, oval or lance-shaped leaves have a tapering point, and clasp the stalk with a broad or narrow, heart-shaped base. The margins are regularly and coarsely toothed, or sparingly so, in the middle. The upper surface is very rough, and the under side of the midrib is hairy. The numerous flower heads are from one-half to one and one-half inches broad. From twenty to forty long, narrow, showy lilac-blue or white rays surround the yellow, tubular disc florets, which are prettily set in a loose, spreading, green cup. They are profusely arranged in terminal clusters on the tips of the branches, and are very attractive. This is one of the very earliest-blooming of the Aster group, and is found almost everywhere from Nova Scotia to Western Ontario and Minnesota, south to North Carolina, Ohio and Michigan.

PURPLE STEM ASTER. Aster puniceus

PURPLE STEM ASTER. Aster puniceus.