Cinderella's wonderful glass slipper never possessed the charm and comfort suggested by the dainty golden mocassins of this exquisite Orchid. It is a lively, smaller-flowered beauty, resembling the following species in many respects, and is frequently hopelessly confused with it. The lip, or pouch, however, is bright yellow, and more or less marked with purple stripes, spots or blotches. Its flower is delightfully fragrant, and its petals are longer and more twisted. It is also less common, and its range is more extensive than that of its larger sister. The slender, leafy stem grows one to two feet high, and the pointed oval or lance-shaped leaves alternate upon it. The curious, triangular, lid-like anther is yellow, and is purple-spotted like the pouch. The narrow, curling sepals and petals are sometimes purple or claret-coloured. This species is found in bogs and moist, hilly woodlands from ocean to ocean, and from Canada south along the mountains to Washington, Missouri and Georgia. It possesses the same poisonous properties as the larger species. The roots have a distinct and heavy odour like Valerian, and are used as a general stimulant for nerves and in neuraliga.