This delicate little white, starry flower is found during May and June in damp, open woods and thickets, from Virginia, Illinois, and Minnesota far into Canada. It grows from three to nine inches high from a long, slender, horizontal or creeping rootstock. The smooth, slender stalk bears a whorl of from five to ten thin, smooth, veiny leaves at its summit. The unequally sized leaves are lance-shaped and taper sharply toward both ends. They are short-stemmed, and their margins are finely nicked with rounded teeth. The flat, spreading flower has from five to nine sharply pointed petals. The blossoms are usually solitary and rise above the leaves on a slender stem, which springs with a noticeable curve from one side of the centre of the leaf whorl. The long-pointed, green sepals alternate with the petals, and the ten, long, spreading, white, orange-tipped stamens are united in a ring around the pistil at their base.