This small and nearly smooth perennial species has weak, slender stems which are much branched at their creeping base. It grows from two to ten inches in height and often lies close to the ground. The little oval or oblong leaves are indistinctly toothed, and occur in opposite pairs on short stems. The tiny flowers resemble those of the American Brooklime, and are pale blue with darker stripes, or sometimes white in colour. The tips of the green calyx show between the divisions of the corolla, and the two spreading stamens are tipped with light blue. They are set on short stems springing from the axils of small leaflets, and are arranged in short terminal spikes. Though delicate in texture, they are much less fragile than those of most of the Speedwells. It is found commonly in grassy fields and thickets, and along highways from April to August, and ranges from Labrador to Alaska, south to Georgia, New Mexico and California. Also in Europe, Asia and South America.