This common, tiny-flowered and leafy-stemmed Orchid is usually found growing in the same bog with the Ragged Orchis and blooming during June and July. The rather stout stalk grows one or two feet high, and bears several large, alternating, elliptic, or lance-shaped leaves. The greenish yellow flowers are inconspicuous and numerous, and form a slender, clustered terminal spike that bristles with many sharp green bracts. The petals and sepals are somewhat similar in shape. The former are greenish, and the latter greenish yellow in colour. The fringeless, spurred lip is a trifle longer than the other petals. It is broad, with rounded edges, and has a slight notch at the apex, while at the middle of its base appears a single tubercle, or palate. This unattractive Orchid is found in swamps and wet places, from Florida, Louisiana and Missouri, to Minnesota and Ontario.