Leather Leaf (Chamaedaphne Calyculata)

Leather Leaf (Chamaedaphne Calyculata) is a low, much-branched shrub with small, obtuse, flat, leathery leaves. Small white flowers grow in the axils of the upper leaves, forming one-sided leafy racemes. It is found in bogs from Labrador to British Columbia and south to Ga.; 111. and Minn. Diapensia Family (Diapensiaceae).

A small family of low herbs, or tufted moss-like shrubs closely related to the heath family, the chief distinction being the insertion of the stamens on the corolla.

Pyxie; Flowering Moss (Pyxidanthera Bar-Bulata)

Pyxie is a very attractive moss-like shrub found commonly growing in the pine barrens of the southeastern states, from N. J. to N. C. The branches are prostrate and creep along the ground for 6 to 10 inches from the roots.

Each branch is very thickly set with tiny, stiff, lance-shaped leaves less than half an inch in length. The numerous, tiny, white or pink flowers are seated on the stem, growing from the angles of the leaves; they have five, broad-ended petals and attached between each of them is a curious, short, stout stamen.