Green-Fringed Orchis (Habenaria Flava)

Green-Fringed Orchis (Habenaria Flava) is a common green orchis (formerly virescens). The lower leaves are oblong-lanceolate, while the upper ones are linear, diminishing in size and passing into the flower bracts. The flower lip is square-ended and toothed; spur slender and about the length of the flower. In the whole U. S. and southern Canada, we may find this species growing in bogs or wet places.

Habenaria bracteata is similar to flava, but the flower bracts are large, being from two to four times the length of the flowers; the spur is about half the length of the flower. The upper leaves are lanceolate and pointed; the lower ones are broader. The stem ranges in height from 6 to 20 inches. This species is also found in bogs, from N. S. to Alaska and south through the U. S..

Habenaria integra is similar in size and shape to clavellata but the flowers are a bright orange-yellow in color; the lip is ovate, rough on the edge; the spur is short, tiny and descending. It grows in wet pine barrens from N. J. and Tenn, south to Fla. and Tex., flowering in June.

Habenaria nivea is a southern species found along the coast from Del. to Fla. It is more slender than the preceding species. The leaves are narrow, and the numerous flowers are white, with narrow lips and petals; spur short, slender and ascending.

A. Yellow Fringed Orchis

A. Yellow Fringed Orchis

Habenaria ciliaris.

B. Hooker's Orchis.

Habenaria Hookeri.

Yellow-Fringed Orchis (Habenaria Ciliaris)

Yellow-Fringed Orchis (Habenaria Ciliaris) is an attractive and rather common Orchis with a tall leafy stem from 12 to 24 in. high. It is always with a thrill of exultation that we, each year, first spy the golden yellow spikes in the deep recesses of a cold bog or swamp. The open blossoms have exquisitely fringed lips, while the buds on the upper part of the flower spike resemble little golden balls. The spike is very closely set with flowers having rounded petals, fringed lips and slender spurs about an inch in length. The leaves are lanceolate, grad-ualy diminishing in size as they approach the spike and passing into the flower bracts. Found from Me. to Mich, and southwards.

Yellow Crested Orchis (H. Cristata)

Yellow Crested Orchis (H. Cristata) has orange-yellow flowers in a bracted raceme, the bracts being of about the same length as the flowers. The lip is ovate, copiously fringed; petals oblong, fringed at the top; spur short, not more than half an inch in length. Leaves narrowly lanceolate and growing smaller as they approach the flower spike. This Orchis flowers during July and August in peaty bogs, from N. J. to Mo. and southwards.

Hooker's Orchis (H. Hookeri)

Hooker's Orchis (H. Hookeri) has a leafless scape from 6 to 12 in. high, at the base of which are two, broad, oval, shining, deep green leaves. The ten to twenty flowers are yellowish green; lip lanceolate and sharply pointed, less than half an inch long; slender spur about one inch long. Flowers during June and July in woods from Me. to M'nn. and south to N. C.