(Plate CLV.)




White, or rose.





Time of Bloom


Flowers: often one and a half inches broad; growing in corymbed clusters.

Calyx: tubular; five-toothed. Corolla: of five narrow petals, notched at the apex. Stamens: ten. Pistil: one, with two curved styles. Leaves: opposite;

nearly sessile; lanceolate; triple-ribbed. Stem: smooth, with swollen joints.

Juice: mucilaginous.

It was always a mystery to Dickens that a door nail should have been considered so much more dead than any other inanimate object, and it seems also strange that this plant should have suggested the idea of bouncing more than other plants. Dear Bettie does not bounce, nor could she if she would. She sits most firmly on her stem, and her characteristics seem to be home-loving and simple. We are sure to find her peeping through the garden fences, or on the roadside, where the children nod to her as they pass by. She is one of the best beloved of our waste-ground flora.

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The double variety, Plate CLVI, suggests the bloom of a cultivated flower; and this is not to be wondered at, as it was at one time much planted in gardens. It is rather more common than the single variety. Throughout the eastern states the plants are spreading very rapidly. Their juice, when mixed with water, forms a lather. This fact is well known.