(Plate LXXX.)




White and green.




New York 7vestzvard.

Time of Bloom


Flowers: very small, greenish and wrapped about by an involucre that appears like four pointed sepals. Calyx: tiny; four-cleft. Corolla: of four spreading petals. Stamens: four. Pistil: one. Fruit: a bunch of closely clustered, round, red berries. Leaves: ovate; pointed; nerved; the upper ones whorled and apparently forming a resting place for the flowers. Stem: erect; bearing below a number of scale-like leaves.

A proud little thing is the bunch-berry, and although it is the smallest member of the family, it has wrapped about itself a white petal-like involucre that is only indulged in by a few other dogwoods, as is the case with the largest and most important of them all, the C. florida. It has probably found out that size is not such an essential matter. "Bigness," Bishop Potter says, "is not greatness."

Bunch Berry Dwarf Cornel Cornus Canadensis 154Bunch Berry Dwarf Cornel Cornus Canadensis 155

After the bloom has passed, the flower-stalk stretches upward and bears a bunch of attractive red berries. They are quite edible. In the rich woods of New Jersey the plant grows pro-lifically.