Evening primrose.


Pale yellow.





Time of Bloom


Flowers: large; clustered on a leafy spike. Calyx: tubular, of four long, pointed sepals. Corolla: often two inches broad, of four obcordate petals delicately veined with green. Stamens: eight. Pistil: one; stigma, four-branched. Leaves: alternate; lanceolate; slender. Stem: erect.

Those that see the evening-primrose only in the daytime have no conception of its fairness when it opens its petals to commune with the night revellers. Among them are the rarest of Nature's children which under the stars come out from their hiding places. Many of the loveliest flowers reserve their beauty and exquisite fragrance to bestow upon the night. They are visited by moths and insects that far surpass in beauty those of the day and which are never seen until the earth is wrapped in her dark mantle. The sweetest singing birds and the most beautiful animals are then flying and roving about. There is music in the flap of the pink night moth's wing and all the buzzing noises of the night.

Common Evening Primrose Onagra biennis 214

The evening primrose is then in its glory; the next day its fragile petals are wofully faded.