Snow white.




Penn. southward.

Time of Bloom

Late spring and early summer.

Flowers: growing in loose panicles. Calyx: very small; tubular. Corolla: of four petals, three quarters of an inch long, which barely unite at the base. Stamens: two; very short. Pistil: one. Fruit: bluish purple; glaucous. Leaves: large; ovate; the lower part downy. A shrub, or low branching tree.

The pure loveliness of this shrub is one of the things that must be seen and come into close contact with before it can be fully appreciated. When along the river banks the cool zephyrs play through its snow-white, slender petals and we sit down beside it; we long for its soft, gentle swaying never to cease, and think lovingly of our castles in the air and the fairy tales that enchanted us in childhood.

Common Fringe Tree Chionanthus Virginica 111