Sweet, like honey.



Time Of Bloom

June, July.

Flowers: minute; growing in large flat cymes. Calyx: tubular, with small teeth. Corolla: urn-shaped; five-lobed. Stamens: five. Pistil: one, with three stigmas. Fruit: a purple berry, juicy with the flavour of wine. Leaves: pinnate; of five to eleven, oblong, pointed, serrate leaflets. Stem: five to ten feet high; woody with white pith.

Our grandmothers loved the elder, and as religiously as they wove their linsey woolseys and worked their samplers they made elderberry wine. Probably they found it, as we do, extremely good to the taste, and it is besides supposed to possess a considerable amount of virtue. Along streams and in moist soil by the roadsides the bloom and berries of the plant are very noticeable. Every country child knows the elder, and little boys are on most friendly terms with it. They push out the white pith from the stems, light the ends, and initiate themselves into the mysteries of that more soothing weed which they hope to know later.