Greenish white.


Slightly fragrant.


Mostly north.

Time of Bloom


Flowers: tiny; growing in a compound panicle. Perianth: of six divisions. Stamens: six. Pistil: one. Fruit: a crimson berry speckled with purple. Leaves: alternate; oblong; pointed at both ends; parallel-veined; fluted on the edges; slightly hairy. Stem: ascending two to three feet high.

If the common name of the above plant is a mystery to us, this one is no less so; as its manner of growth and fruit are so very different from those of the Solomon's seal. In fact, the latter is the more striking plant of the two and has an elusive, sweet perfume. A warm friendship, however, exists between them and they are often found growing closely together on the rocky hillsides, or in the cool, deep woods.