(Plate LXXII.)




Rose purple.




Mostly north.

Time of Bloom

Late spring and summer.

Flowers; small; axillary; hanging on thread-like flower-stalks and hidden under the leaves. Perianth: bell-shaped, with six divisions. Stamens: six. Pistil: one; stigma, three-cleft. Fruit; a round, handsome, red berry. Leaves: alternate; clasping; parallel-veined; pointed; the edges surrounded with tiny hairs. Stem; much twisted.

Even more pleasing than the hidden flower-bells are the beautiful red berries of this plant, which in August can be found hanging from thread-like peduncles, and following gracefully the curves of the stalk. In the avoiding of angles, the plant has as truly the artistic instinct as though it had been bred in a French school of design. It resembles somewhat the Solomon's seal, of which it is a connection.

Twisted Stalk Streptopus roseus 145