Leaves nearly smooth from a short, stout, erect rootstock, three-divided, the lateral divisions pedately three to five-parted or cleft, the segments linear to spatulate, often two to four-eleft or toothed near the apex. Early leaves usually smaller and less deeply dissected. Corolla two-thirds to \\ inches broad, the upper petals dark violet, the lower three lilac-purple, or as in the common northern variety (var. lineariloba DeCandolle) here illustrated, all the petals lilac-purple, all beardless, the orange tips of the stamens large and conspicuous in the center of the flower. Seed pods smooth, green; seeds copper-colored.

Apetalous or cleistogamous flowers are never formed in this species, but petaliferous flowers are frequent in late summer and autumn.

Common in dry or sandy fields and open woods from Massachusetts to Florida and Louisiana, less abundant or locally common inland to Minnesota. Flowering in May and June.

Memoir 15 N. Y. State Museum

Plate 133

Bird's foot violet Viola pedata var. Iineariloba

Bird's-foot violet Viola pedata var. Iineariloba