Stems tall and slender, 3 to 8 feet high, leafy above, rootstock thick and perennial. Leaves ternate with pinnate divisions; leaflets ovate or oblong, the terminal ones visually obovate, pointed at the apex, truncate or narrowed at the base, margins coarsely toothed, cleft or divided, rather thick texture, smooth or nearly so. Flowers white, with a somewhat fetid odor, in tall, terminal, simple or compound racemes, 6 to 30 inches long, each flower about one-half of an inch broad; petals four to eight, two-cleft; stamens very numerous; pistils one or two, sessile. Fruiting follicles oval, about one-fourth of an inch long, minutely beaked.

In woods and shaded rocky places, Maine and Ontario to Wisconsin, south to Georgia and Missouri. Flowering in July and August.

Memoir 15 N. Y. State Museum

Plate 64

Black Snakeroot; Black Cohosh

Black Snakeroot; Black Cohosh - Cimicifuga racemosa