A family closely allied to the Sunflower family (Compositae). Stems usually with milky, acrid or bitter juice. Flowers in heads, surrounded by involucral bracts; flowers all alike and perfect. Calyx tube completely adnate to the ovary, its limb (pappus) of scales, simple or plumose bristles, or both wanting. Corolla gamopetalous, with a short or long tube, and a strap-shaped (ligulate), usually five-toothed limb (ray).

In addition to those species illustrated here, the Chicory family contains many other species, including the common Chicory, Dandelion, Oyster Plant or Salsify, Sow Thistle, Lettuce, Wild Prickly Lettuce and several additional species of Hawkweeds and Rattlesnake weeds.