Stems slender or stout, glabrous, high climbing, 2 to 20 feet long from a perennial root, somewhat rough on the ridges which mark the stem. Leaves ovate, sharp pointed, cordate at the base, 1 to 6 inches long, or the upper ones smaller, finely dotted, ocreae oblique, smooth and glabrous. Flowers in numerous panicled racemes, 2 to 8 inches long, usually interrupted with small leaves, yellowish green or whitish; calyx five-parted; stamens eight; calyx in fruit about one-half of an inch long with crisped wings.

In woods, thickets and on banks and along fence rows, Nova Scotia to Ontario and British Columbia, south to Florida, Nebraska and Texas. Flowers in August and September.

Plate 15

B. Climbing False Buckwheat

B. Climbing False Buckwheat - Bylderdvkia scandens