Stem rather stout and visually with some straight, nearly erect branches, 2 to 6 feet tall from a perennial fibrous root, pubescent with short, spreading, brownish hairs, somewhat appressed above. Leaves numerous, alternate, compound with seven to nine, or rarely eleven, oblique leaflets, tetragonal-elliptic to rhomboid-lanceolate, pointed and sharply toothed, rather thick and somewhat rough, dull green above, softly pubescent beneath, usually several pairs of small, interposed leaflets; stipules lanceolate, pointed and cut-toothed. Flowers numerous in long, erect or ascending racemes; each flower about one-fourth of an inch wide; petals five, bright yellow; calyx tube in fruit long-turbinate, about one-fourth of an inch long, deeply grooved, unmargined; the bristles numerous, often purplish, short, crowded, inflexed and connivent over the sepals.

Thickets, open woods and roadsides, Newfoundland to Saskatchewan, south to West Virginia, Nebraska and Mexico. Flowering from June to September.

Memoir 15 N. Y. State Museum

Plate 98

B. Common Agrimony

B. Common Agrimony - Agrimonia striata