Stems stout, smooth or pubescent but not glandular or waxy, 3 to 10 feet high, branching. Leaves three to four-ternate; leaflets thickish, light green above and pale beneath, oblong or orbicular with three main apical pointed or blunt lobes; panicle compound, leafy, a foot long or more. Flowers polygamous, white or purplish, usually the pistillate flowers purplish and the staminate flowers white; filaments broad, narrowly clavate; anthers oblong, short. Fruiting achenes ovoid, sessile or short-stipulate, six to eight-winged, glabrous or pubescent.

Marshes, open sunny swamps and low meadows. Newfoundland to Florida, Ontario and Ohio. Flowering from July to September.

Memoir 15 N. Y. State Museum

Plate 72

Fall Meadow Rue

Fall Meadow Rue - Thalictrum polygonum