Stems slender, erect from an ascending base which is perennial by short, creeping stolons, hairy, usually branched or sometimes simple, 10 to 24 inches high. Leaves ovate to ovate-lanceolate, short petioled, entire, undulate or crenate toothed on the margins, 1to 21/2 inches long. Flowers in dense, axillary and terminal capitate clusters about 1 inch in diameter, with setaceous, hairy bracts. Calyx hairy, the two lower teeth somewhat longer than the three upper ones. Corolla purple, pink or white, with a straight tube a little longer than the calyx teeth, two-lipped; upper lip erect; lower lip spreading and three-lobed. Stamens four, two of them projecting out of the flower.

In fields, open woods, thickets and roadsides, Newfoundland to Manitoba, south to North Carolina and Tennessee and in the Rocky mountains. Also in Europe and Asia. Flowering from June to September.

Memoir 15 N. Y. State Museum

Plate 186

B. Field Or Wild Basil; Bas1lweed   Chinopodium vulgare

B. Field Or Wild Basil; Bas1lweed - Chinopodium vulgare