Roots mostly biennial, sometimes annual, giving rise to one or several ascending or nearly erect, glandular-pubescent stems 5 to 18 inches high. Entire plant with a strong, disagreeable odor. Leaves rounded-ovate in outline, the divisions deeply cleft or lobed, the margins with oblong, mucro-nate teeth. Flowers reddish purple, about one-half of an inch broad, two on each stalk; sepals five, each tipped with an awn. Petals five, each with a slender claw and an obovate, rounded blade. Stamens ten; ovary five-lobed and five-celled. Fruiting capsule about 1 inch long, awn-tipped, separating at maturity into five carpels, the bodies deciduous from the styles at maturity, each with two fibrous appendages near the top.

In rich soil of rocky woodlands, Nova Scotia to Manitoba south to Pennsylvania and Missouri; also in Europe and Northern Africa. Flowering from May to September.

Memoir 15 N. Y. State Museum

Plate 119

Herb Robert; Red Robin

Herb Robert; Red Robin - Robertiella robertiana