Stems decumbent, creeping, ascending at the ends, simple or usually branched, 4 to 12 inches long, from a perennial root. Leaves lanceolate to linear-oblong, one-half to 1 inch long, sessile and somewhat clasping at the base. Calyx five-parted with narrow lobes. Corolla irregular, its tube cylindric, the end of the flower more or less two-lipped, bright yellow, about one-half of an inch long; upper lip entire, lower lip three-lobed. Stamens four, only two of which bear anthers. Fruit a short, almost globular, capsule.

In sandy, wet places and borders of ponds and marshes in sandy soil, Quebec to Ontario, south to New Jersey and Virginia. Flowering from June to September. Frequent on the sandy, coastal plain. Rather rare and local in the interior parts of the State.

Memoir 15 N. Y. State Museum

Plate 199

A. Golden Hedge Hyssop; Goldenpert   Gratiola aurea

A. Golden Hedge Hyssop; Goldenpert - Gratiola aurea