Stems slender, smooth, erect, 6 to 28 inches high, solitary or tufted from a perennial, strong-scented root. Basal leaves ovate, orbicular or oblong-ovate, heart-shaped at the base and long petioled, usually pointed at the apex, the margins crenately toothed, 1 to 6 inches long; lower stem leaves lanceolate or oblong, usually deeply cut or cleft, the upper leaves small, sessile and clasping the stem. Heads of flowers numerous, on slender peduncles, forming an open corymb, bright golden yellow; each head one-half to three-fourths of an inch broad and one-third to one-half of an inch high. Ray flowers eight to twelve in number, linear-lanceolate; pappus white.

Memoir 15 N. Y. State Museum

Plate 263

Golden Ragwort; Swamp Squawweed   Senecio aureus

Golden Ragwort; Swamp Squawweed - Senecio aureus

In wet meadows, marshes and swamps, Newfoundland to Ontario and Michigan, south to Florida, Texas and Missouri. Flowering from late in May to July or August.