A much-branched shrub, 2 to 8 feet high, the twigs smooth or with some stiff hairs. Leaves thin, alternate, mostly clustered near the ends of the twigs, obovate or oblong, pointed at both ends, hairy on the principal veins and midrib beneath, usually smooth above; when young and just unfolding they are usually distinctly canescent, at least beneath. Flowers pink or nearly white, visually opening before the leaves are fully expanded or in shaded situations opening with the leaves, fragrant, 11/2 to 2 inches broad, somewhat two-lipped, the tube of the flower hairy on the outside, the five stamens projecting beyond the flower. Fruit a slender, oblong, erect, hairy capsule, two-thirds to three-fourths of an inch long.

Memoir 15 N. Y. State Museum

Plate 154

Purple Or Pink Azalea; Pinkster Flower   Azalea nudiflora

Purple Or Pink Azalea; Pinkster Flower - Azalea nudiflora

In sandy or rocky woods and thickets, sometimes (especially in the north) in or around the borders of bogs and swamps, Massachusetts to Illinois, south to Florida and Texas. Flowering in May or early June. Often called Wild or Swamp Honeysuckle.