A bushy shrub, a few inches to 3 or 4 feet high, sometimes higher; the stems armed with slender or stout, straight or curved infrastipular spines, and more or less prickly. Stipules entire. Leaves alternate with five or sometimes seven rather thin ovate-oval or obovate leaflets, dull green or somewhat shiny, coarsely toothed, one-half to 2 inches long, usually pointed at the end, glabrous or pubescent beneath. Flowers few or solitary, 2 to 3 inches broad; pedicels and calyx usually glandular; calyx five-lobed, the segments lanceolate, long pointed, sometimes dilated toward the end, spreading and deciduous; petals five, obcordate, rose or pink, fading after opening. Fruit globose or depressed-globose, glandular-hispid, about one-third of an inch high.

Memoir 15 N. Y. State Museum

Plate 102

Low Or Pasture Rose

Low Or Pasture Rose - Rosa virginiana

In dry or rocky soil, Newfoundland to Ontario and Wisconsin, south to Georgia, Louisiana and Missouri. Flowering from May to July. The Swamp Wild Rose (Rosa Carolina Linnaeus) is frequent in open or wooded swamps and marshes.