Leaves and stems smooth or nearly so; leaf blades, except the earliest. broadly ovate to reniform, heart-shaped at the base, the margins strongly cucullate (rolled inward) when the leaves are young, the apex pointed, margins crenate-serrate; when mature 2 to 4 inches broad. Flowering stalks much longer than the leaves. Flowers violet-blue with a dark-blue throat or center, or sometimes entirely white; lateral petals bearded, the lower or spur petal smooth and usually shorter than the lateral ones. Cleis-togamous flowers on long, slender, erect stalks, their capsules green; seed nearly black.

In moist meadows, springy places in woodlands and along streams, Quebec to Georgia. Flowering from late in April until June.

Memoir 15 N. Y. State Museum

Plate 138

B. Marsh Blue Violet

B. Marsh Blue Violet - Viola cucullata