Stems square, 8 to 18 inches high, the angles of the stem usually slightly winged, hairy or nearly smooth; roots perennial and fibrous with a few small Lythrum salicaria tubers. Leaves opposite, sessile or nearly so, ascending, ovate or elliptical-ovate, pointed at the apex, narrowed or rounded at the base, 1 to 2 inches long, one-half to 1 inch wide, with a few scattered hairs on both surface conspicuously three to five-nerved, the margins ciliate-serrulate. Flowers bright purple, 1 to 1 inches broad, few or several in terminal clusters; calyx-tube urn-shaped, constricted above with four triangular-pointed lobes, and like the stalk of the flower glandular-pubescent; petals four, broadly obovate; stamens eight, equal; anthers yellow, linear, curved and minutely spurred on the back. Fruit a four-celled, four-valved capsule with numerous small rough, bent seeds.

Memoir 15 N. Y. State Museum

Plate 138

A. Meadow Beauty; Peer Grass

A. Meadow Beauty; Peer Grass - Rhexia virginica

In moist, sandy meadows and marshes, Maine to northern New York, Ontario and Iowa, south to Florida, Louisiana and Missouri. Flowering from July to September. Common on the coastal plain, but rare or local inland, except east and north of Oneida lake, where it is very abundant in certain places.

The Maryland Meadow Beauty (Rhexiamariana Linnaeus) occurs from Long Island southward. It is more densely hairy, the stems are not angled and the leaves are narrower and more spreading.

The University of the State New York - New York State Museum - 72nd Annual Report 1918

In 3 volumes




Regents Of The University With Years When Terms Expire

1926 Pliny T. Sexton LL.B. LL.D. Chancellor - - -


1927 Albert Vander Veer M.D. M.A. Ph.D. LL.D.


Vice Chancellor

1922 Chester S. Lord M.A. LL.D. -------


1924 Adelbert Moot LL.D. ----------


1925 Charles B. Alexander M.A. LL.B. LL.D. Litt.D.


1928 Walter Guest Kellogg B.A. LL.D. -----


1932 James Byrne B.A. LL.B. LL.D. -------

New York

1929 Herbert L. Bridgman M.A. LL.D. ------


1931 Thomas J. Mangan M.A. ---------


1933 William J. Wallin M.A. ---------


1923 William Bondy M.A. LL.B. Ph.D. ------

New York

1930 William P. Baker B.L. - - - -


Acting President of the University and Commisssioner of Education

Frank B. Gilbert B.A. LL.D.

Assistant Commissioner and Director of Professional Education

Augustus S. Downing M.A. Ph.D. L.H.D. LL.D.

Assistant Commissioner for Secondary Education

Charles F. Wheelock B.S. LL.D.

Assistant Commissioner for Elementary Education

George M. Wiley M.A. Pd.D. LL.D.

Director of State Library

James I. Wyer M.L.S. Pd.D.

Director of Science and State Museum

John M. Clarke D.Sc. LL.D.

Chief and Directors of Divisions

Administration, Hiram C. Case

Archives and History. James Sullivan, M.A. Ph.D.

Attendance, James D. Sullivan

Examinations and Inspections, Avery W. Skinner B.A.

Law, Frank B. Gilbert B.A. LL.D., Counsel

Library Extension, William R. Watson B.S.

Library School, Edna M. Sanderson, B.A. B.L.S.

School Buildings and Grounds, Frank H. Wood M.A.

School Libraries, Sherman Williams Pd.D.

Visual Instruction, Alfred W. Abrams Ph.B.

Vocational and Extension Education, Lewis A. Wilson

To the Legislature of the State of New York

We have the honor to submit herewith, pursuant to law, as the 72nd

Annual Report of the New York State Museum, the report of the Director, with appendixes.

Pliny T. Sexton

ChancelIor of the University

John H. Finley

President of the University and

Commissioner of Education