Stems erect, stiff, smooth or slightly glandular-pubescent, usually simple but occasionally branched, 2 to 6 feet high. Leaves oblong, ovate or lanceolate, toothed or cut on the margins, sharp pointed at the apex, the upper ones clasping the stem, one-half to 21/2 inches long, the basal leaves sessile or petioled, much larger and often several inches long, but usually dying or withering by the time the flowers open. Flowers yellow or white, two-thirds to 1 inch broad, in a loose, terminal raceme, which is 1 to 2 feet long; corolla usually marked with brown on the back; filaments of the stamens pilose with violet-colored hairs.

In fields and waste places. Common. Naturalized from Europe, as is the Common or Velvet Mullen (Verbascum thapsus Linnaeus) which has yellow flowers in very dense terminal spikes and is densely woolly or velvety all over.

Memoir 15 N Y. State Museum

Plate 195

B. Moth Mullen   Verbascum blattaria

B. Moth Mullen - Verbascum blattaria