Stems weak, slender, climbing several feet over other plants by its slender petioles from a biennial root. Leaves two to three-pinnate, the leaflets slender stalked, lobed or entire, very thin, ovate or cuneate, about one-fourth of an inch long and pale beneath. Flowers numerous in axillary drooping cymes; petals four, united into a narrowly ovate-cordate, spongy corolla about one-half of an inch long and one-fourth of an inch broad at the base, four-lobed at the apex, greenish purple, or pink, usually rather persistent, dry and brownish with age; stamens six, united below and adherent to the petals. Fruiting capsule oblong, included in the persistent, dry corolla.

In moist woods, thickets and shaded cliffs, New Brunswick to Ontario and Michigan, south to North Carolina and Tennessee. Flowering from June to October. Frequent in cultivation.

Memoir 15 N. Y. State Museum

Plate 79

B. Mountain Fringe; Alleghany Vine

B. Mountain Fringe; Alleghany Vine - Adlumia fungosa