A rather fleshy, smooth plant of salt meadows near the coast, with a thick tapering or branched, astringent root. Flower-bearing scapes slender, much branched above, 6 to 18 inches high. Leaves all at the base of the plant, oblanceolate in shape, blunt at the apex, narrowed below into margined petioles, the margins of the leaf blades entire or slightly undulate, 2 to 10 inches long, one-half to 11/2 inches wide. Flowers pale purple, erect, in many one-sided clusters forming a large, paniculate, terminal inflorescence, each flower about one-sixth of an inch high; calyx five-toothed, the calyx tube with ten faint ribs below and closely subtended by the small bracts; petals five, spatulate in shape.

On salt meadows, Labrador to Florida and Texas. Also in Bermuda. Flowering from July to October.

Memoir 15 N. Y. State Museum

Plate 166

B. Seaside Lavender; Marsh Rosemary; Canker Root   Limaniurn carolinianum

B. Seaside Lavender; Marsh Rosemary; Canker-Root - Limaniurn carolinianum