Perennial and tufted, stems stiff and erect, pale green and glaucous, 4 to 18 inches high. Leaves pointed, about half as long as the stems, about one-sixth of an inch or less wide. Stem simple or rarely branched, winged, the edges minutely serrulate. Flowers deep violet-blue, one-half of an inch broad, umbellate from a pair of erect, green or slightly purplish bracts (spathe), the outer bract rather less than twice the length of the inner one, the six spreading segments of the perianth oblong and aristulate at the tip. Capsules subglobose, often purplish tinged, about one-fourth of an inch in diameter or less.

In fields and on hillsides, Newfoundland to Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Virginia, Nebraska, Colorado and Utah. Flowering from May to July.

There are four other species of blue-eyed grass in New York State: S. mucronatum Michaux, S. arenicola Bicknell, S. grami-noides Bicknell and S. atlanticum Bicknell.

Memoir 15 N. Y. State Museum

Plate 28

A. Pointed Blue Eyed Grass

A. Pointed Blue-Eyed Grass - Sisyrinchium angustifolium