(Revised to July 1, 1918)

1926 Pliny T. Sexton LL.B. LL.D. Chancellor - - - Palmyra

1927 Albert Vander Veer M.D. M.A. Ph.D. LL.D.

Vice Chancellor Albany

1922 Chester S. Lord M.A. LL.D. _ _ _ Brooklyn 1930 William Nottingham M.A. Ph.D. LL.D. - Syracuse

1921 Francis M. Carpenter - Mount Kisco

1923 Abram I. Elkus LL.B. D.C.L. - - New York

1924 Adelbert Moot LL.D. - - Buffalo

1925 Charles B. Alexander M.A. LL.B. LL.D. Litt.D. Tuxedo

1919 John Moore LL.D. - Elmira

1928 Walter Guest Kellogg B.A. LL.D. - Ogdensburg

1920 James Byrne B.A. LL.B. LL.D. - - - - - New York

1929 Herbert L. Bridgman M.A. - Brooklyn

President of the University and Commissioner of Education

John H. Finley M.A. LL.D. L.H.D.

Deputy Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner for Elementary Education

Thomas E. Finegan M.A. Pd.D. LL.D.

Assistant Commissioner and Director of Professional Education

Augustus S. Downing M.A. L.H.D. LL.D.

Assistant Commissioner for Secondary Education

Charles F. Wheelock B.S. LL.D.

Director of State Library

James I. Wyer, Jr, M.L.S.

Director of Science and State Museum

John M. Clarke D.Sc LL.D.

Chiefs and Directors of Divisions

Administration, Hiram C. Case

Agricultural and Industrial Education, Lewis A. Wilson

Archives and History, James Sullivan M.A. Ph.D.

Attendance, James D. Sullivan

Educational Extension, William R. Watson B.S.

Examinations and Inspections, George M. Wiley M.A

Law, Frank B. Gilbert B.A., Counsel

Library School, Frank K. Walter M.A. M.L.S.

School Buildings and Grounds, Frank H. Wood M.A.

School Libraries, Sherman Williams Ph.D.

Visual Instruction, Alfred W. Abrams Ph.B.