A weak, perennial herb, much branched and usually reclining on bushes or surrounding vegetation, sometimes erect; stems retrorsely hispid on the angles, 2 to 6 feet long. Leaves in whorls of sixes or fives, or those of the branches rarely in fours, narrowly oval or slightly oblanceolate, sharply pointed at the apex, narrowed at the base, and sometimes appearing petioled, one-third to three-fourths of an inch long, one-twelfth to one-sixth of an inch wide, the margins and midrib rough. Flowers white, arranged in many-flowered cymes, which are terminal and axillary. Stalks or peduncles bearing the flowers short and two to three times forked. Corolla four-lobed. Fruit smooth and about one-twelfth of an inch broad.

In moist soil, Newfoundland to western Ontario and Wisconsin, south to North Carolina, Illinois and Nebraska. Flowering from June to August.

Memoir 15 N. Y. State Museum

Plate 212

A. Rough Bedstraw   Galium asprellum

A. Rough Bedstraw - Galium asprellum