Stems slender and weak, glabrous, 4 to 10 inches high; the flowering stem appearing in early spring from a cluster of tuberous roots, the ternately compound basal leaves appearing later and resembling those of the Meadow Rue, but smaller. Leaves of the involucre similar, sessile, the leaflets long petioled. Flowers perfect, few or several forming a loose umbel immediately above the involucre, white or pinkish, one-half to 1 inch broad; sepals five to ten, thin and soon falling, longer than the numerous stamens.

In woods, New Hampshire and Massachusetts to Florida, Ontario, Minnesota and Kansas. Flowering in early spring, March to early June.

Memoir 15 N. Y. State Museum

Plate 68

B. Rue Anemone  Syndesmon thalictroides

B. Rue Anemone - Syndesmon thalictroides