Stems and leaves herbaceous and tufted from a perennial root; spreading by slender runners, 8 inches to 3 feet long. Leaves pinnate, 3 to 18 inches long; leaflets seven to twenty-five, oblong, oblanceolate or obovate, obtuse, the lower leaflets usually smaller, often with still smaller ones interspersed, all sharply toothed, nearly glabrous above, white or silky-pubescent beneath. Flowers yellow, three-fourths to 1 1/8 inches broad, solitary on erect axillary peduncles; petals five, broadly oval or obovate, longer than the five ovate, pointed sepals and the five oval bractlets; stamens about twenty, borne around the base of the hemispheric, villous receptacle.

Memoir 15 N. Y. State Museum

Plate 92

B. Silverweed; Wild Or Goose Tansy

B. Silverweed; Wild Or Goose Tansy - Argentina anserina

Lake shores, sandy fields and salt meadows, New Jersey to Greenland, west to Nebraska, British Columbia and Alaska, south in the Rocky mountains to New Mexico and California; also in Europe and Asia. Flowering from May to September. Consists of several or numerous races, differing in the size and shape of the leaflets, and slightly in the achenes. Small northern plants have been referred to A . egediiof Greenland, and a form from Oneida lake has been described as A. b a b-cockiana Rydberg.