Stems slender, smooth, wiry, erect or at least the tips ascending, 6 to 24 inches high, perennial by slender, creeping rootstocks, usually much branched and smooth. Leaves opposite, linear, entire, 1 to 21/2 inches long, sessile. Heads of flowers small, one-half to 1 inch broad or less, on slender peduncles. Each head consisting of four to eight pink or rose-purple rays, oblong to obovate and slightly three-toothed or sometimes entire, surrounding the yellow disk. Bracts of the involucre in two series, the inner oblong and longer than the outer lanceolate bracts. Achenes (seeds) oblong, not winged, the pappus reduced to a very short truncate crown.

Open swamps near the coast, Massachusetts to Georgia. Flowering in July and August.

Memoir 15 N. Y. State Museum

Plate 261

B. Small Rose Or Pink Tickseed   Coreopsis rosea

B. Small Rose Or Pink Tickseed - Coreopsis rosea