Stems rather stout, erect, more or less branched, 1 to 4 feet high, from a large, thick, hard and woody perennial root, smooth or with some glandular pubescence above. Leaves ovate or ovate-oblong, blunt or sometimes heart-shaped at the base, the upper leaves nearly sessile, the lower ones with slender petioles; blades 4 to 8 inches long, all sharply and coarsely toothed. Flowers lemon-scented, numerous, in several racemes, forming a terminal inflorescence sometimes a foot long. Calyx bell-shaped, ten-nerved, two-lipped; upper lip three-toothed, lower lip with two much longer teeth. Corolla light yellow, about one-half of an inch long, obliquely bell-shaped, five-lobed, four of the lobes nearly equal, the fifth pendent, fringed and larger than the others, appearing like a lower lip; fertile stamens two, long exserted from the flower.

In moist, rich, usually rocky woodlands, Quebec to Wisconsin, south to Florida, Alabama and Arkansas.

Memoir 15 N. Y. State Museum

Plate 192 stoneroot; richweed; horse balm - Collinsonia canadensis

stoneroot; richweed; horse balm   Collinsonia canadensis