Rootstock perennial, slender, scaly and little branched. Leaves basal, three to eight together, each 2 to 6 inches high, pubescent; petioles broadened at the base and jointed. Leaflets three, obcordate, wider than long, one-half to 1 inch wide. Flowers one-half to three-fourths of an inch broad, solitary on stalks as long or longer than the leaves; petals white or pink with deep pink veins, three or four times longer than the calyx; stamens ten. Fruit a subglobose, cylindric capsule about one-sixth of an inch long. At the base of the leaves are also found short-stalked flowers.

In cool, damp woods, or shaded mossy banks, Nova Scotia to the north shore of Lake Superior, south to North Carolina. Also in Europe, Asia and northern Africa. Flowering from May to July.

Memoir 15 N. Y. State Museum

Plate 107

B. White Or True Wood Sorrel; Alleluia

B. White Or True Wood Sorrel; Alleluia - Oxalis acetosella