A diffusely branched, low-tufted or matted perennial, somewhat woody, 3 to 8 inches high, pale and hoary-pubescent, the branches stout and ascending. Leaves small and scalelike, about one-tenth or one-twelfth of an inch long, overlapping one another and appressed to the stem. Flowers numerous, almost sessile or on short, stout stalks less than one-fourth of an inch long, yellow, about one-fourth of an inch broad or slightly less; petals five, obovate-oblong; stamens numerous, nine to eighteen in number; sepals blunt. Fruit a small, ovoid, smooth and one-seeded capsule.

In sandy pine barrens and sandy shores along the coast, New Brunswick to Virginia and inland on sand hills and lake and river shores, west to Manitoba and North Dakota. Flowering from May to July.

Memoir 15 N. Y. State Museum

Plate 132

A. Woolly Hudsonia; False Heather

A. Woolly Hudsonia; False Heather - Hudsonia tomentosa