A low, herbaceous plant arising from a deeply buried corm which propagates by offshoots; the simple stem 6 to 12 inches long, bearing a pair of equal or somewhat unequal, oblong or oblong-lanceolate, flat leaves, dark glossy green, usually mottled with brown, sometimes green all over, narrowed into clasping petioles; the flower stem arising from between the leaves, bearing a single nodding flower; perianth yellow or rarely purplish-tinged, the segments oblong, seven-eighths to 2 inches long, about one-fourth of an inch wide or less, recurved, dotted within, the three inner ones auricled at the base; style club-shaped; capsule obovoid.

In moist woods and thickets, Nova Scotia to Ontario and Minnesota south to Florida and Arkansas. Flowering in April and May.

Plate 15

A. Yellow Adder S Tongue; Dog' S Tooth Violet

A. Yellow Adder S-Tongue; Dog' S-Tooth Violet - Erythronium americanum

One of the commonest and best known of our spring flowers, coming in company with the Hepatica, Spring Beauty, and Squirrel Corn, but usually in its prime a little later than these. The white Dog's-tooth Violet (Erythronium a1bidum Nuttall), with leaves less or not at all spotted and pinkish white flowers, is very rare.