1. Tril'lium. L. Wake-Robin

1. T. grandiflo'rum, Salisb. (Large White Trillium.) Leaves sessile, longer than broad. Peduncle erect. Petals white (rose-coloured when old), obovate. - Rich woods.

2. T. erectum, L. (T. erectum, L., var. atro purpureum, Hook, in Macoun's Catalogue.) (Purple Trillium.) Leaves sessile, about as broad as long. Peduncles erect. Petals dull purple, ovate. - Rich woods. Var. album, with greenish-white petals, is found along with the purple form. It does not appear to be clearly distinguished from No. 1.

3. T. cer'nuum, L. Leaves sessile or nearly so, broadly rhomboid, abruptly pointed. Peduncle recurved under the leaves. Petals white, oblong-ovate, acute. - Chiefly eastward.

4. T. erythrocar'pum, Michx. (Painted Trillium.) Leaves distinctly petioled, rounded at the base. Petals pointed, white, with purple stripes inside at the base. - Not uncommon northward in damp woods and low grounds.

2. Mede'ola

Gronov. Indian Cucumber-boot. M. Virgin'ica, L. Stem 1-3 feet high. - Rich woods.

3. Zygade'nus

Michx. Zygadene. Z. glaucus, Nutt. (Z. elegans, Pursh.) Not uncommon in bogs and beaver-meadows northward. Leaves flat and pale.

4. Tofield'ia. Hudson. False Asphodel

T. glutino'sa, Willd. Stem and pedicels very sticky with dark glands. Leaves short. - Lake Huron coast.

5. Uvularia. L. Bellwort

1. U. grandiflo'ra, Smith. Leaves clasping-perfoliate. Rootstock short. - Rich woods.

2. U. sessilifo'lia, L. Leaves sessile or partly clasping, lance-oblong. Rootstock creeping. - Chiefly eastward.

6. Clinto'nia

Raf. Clintonia. C. borea'lis, Raf. Umbel 2-7-flowered. Leaves 5-8 inches long. Perianth pubescent outside. - Damp woods, often under evergreens.

7. Prosar'tes Don. Prosartes

1. P. lanugino'sa, Don. (Diaporum lanuginosa, Don., in Macoun's Catalogue.) Leaves taper-pointed. Fruit oblong, pointed. - Rich woods, western Ontario.

2. P. traehyear'pa, Watson, with whitish perianth, ovate to oblong-lanceolate leaves, and broadly obovate fruit, is not uncommon in the N.W.

8, Strep'topus, Michx. Twisted-Stalk

1. S. ro'seus, Michx. Flowers rose-purple. Leaves green both sides, finely ciliate. Stigma 3-cleft. - Damp woods.

2. S. amplexifo'lius, DC. Flowers greenish - white. Leaves very smooth, glaucous beneath. Stigma entire. - Chiefly Atl. Prov. and N.W.

9. Vera'trum

L. False Hellebore V. vir'ide, Ait. (American White Hellebore. Indian Poke.) Leaves broadly oval, pointed, sheath-clasping. Segments of the perianth ciliate-serrulate. - Swamps and low grounds, Atl. Prov. and Eastern Townships, Q.

10. Smilaci'na. Desf. False Solomon's Seal

1. S. racemo'sa, Desf. (False Spikenard.) Raceme compound. Stem pubescent, 2 feet high. Leaves many, oblong, taper-pointed, ciliate. Berries speckled with purple. - Rich woods and thickets.

2. S. Stellata, Desf. Raceme simple. Stem nearly smooth, 1-2 feet high. Leaves 7-12, oblong-lanceolate, slightly clasping. Berries black. - Moist woods and copses.

3. S. trifo'lia, Desf. Raceme simple. Stem low (3-6 inches), glabrous. Leaves usually 3, oblong, the bases sheathing. Berries red. - Bogs.

4. S. bifo'lia, Ker., var. Canadensis, Gray. (Mdianthe-mum Canadense, Desf., in Macoun's Catalogue.) Distinguished at once by the 4-parted perianth and the 4 stamens. Raceme simple. Stem 3-5 inches high. Leaves usually 2, but sometimes 3. - Moist woods.

11. Polygonatum. Tourn. Solomon's Seal

1. P. biflo'rum, Ell. (Smaller Solomon's Seal.) Stem slender, 1-3 feet high. Leaves ovate-oblong or lance-oblong. Peduncles mostly 2-flowered. Filaments hairy. - Rich woods.

2. P. gigante'um, Dietrich, (Great S.) is occasionally met with westward and south-westward. The stem is taller and stouter than in the last, the peduncles several-flowered, and the filaments are not hairy.

12. Aspar'agus

L. Asparagus. A. officinalis, L. (Garden Asparagus.) Escaped from gardens in a few places.

13. LIL'Ium. L. Lily

1. L. Philadel'phieum, L. (Wild Orange-red Lily.) Divisions of the perianth narrowed into claws below, not recurved at the top. Flowers erect, 1-3, orange, spotted with purple inside. Leaves linear-lanceolate, the upper mostly in whorls of 5-8. - Sandy soil.

2. L. Canadense, L. (Wild Yellow Lily.) Divisions of the perianth recurved above the middle. Flowers nodding, few, orange, spotted with brown inside. Leaves remotely whorled, 3-ribbed. - Swamps and wet meadows.

3. L. super'bum, L. {L. Carolinianum, Michx, in Ma-coun's Catalogue.) (Turk's-Cap Lily.) Divisions of the perianth very strongly recurved. Flowers nodding, often numerous, in a pyramidal raceme, bright orange, dark-purple-spotted within. Lower leaves whorled, 3-ribbed or nerved. Stem taller than either of the first two, 3-7 feet. - Rich low grounds, commoner southward and south-westward.

14. Erythro'nium. L. Dog's-tooth Violet

1. E. America'num, Smith. (Yellow Adder's Tongue.) Perianth light yellow, sometimes spotted at the base. - Copses and rich meadows.

2. E. al'bidum, Nutt. (White Dog's-tooth Violet.) Leaves less blotched than the last. Perianth pinkish-white. - Not common.

15. Allium

L. Onion. Leek. * Bulb cespitose, crowning a rhizome.

1. A. tricoc'cum, Ait. (Wild Leek.) Leaves 2 or 3, flat, lance-oblong, 5-9 inches long, 1-2 inches wide, appearing in early spring and withering before the flowers are developed. Sepals white. Pod strongly 3-lobed. Scape 9 inches high. - Rich woods.

2. A. Sehoenop'rasum, L. (Chives.) Leaves linear, hollow. Scape naked, or leafy at the base. Flowers rose-purple, in a globular umbel. Sepals lanceolate, pointed. Ovary not crested. - Margin of rivers, Atl. Prov. and northward.

3. A. cer'nuum, Both. (Wild Onion.) Scape naked, angular, nodding at the apex, bearing a loose or drooping umbel of rose-coloured flowers. Leaves linear, flattened, sharply keeled. Capsule 6-crested. - N.W.

* * Bulbs mostly solitary. Leaves narrowly linear.

4. A. Canadense, Kalm. (Wild Garlic.) Leaves narrowly linear. Ovary crested with 6 teeth. Umbel few-flowered, often bearing a head of bulbs instead of flowers. Sepals pale rose-colour. - Along river-banks; rather rare.

5. A. Stellatum, Nutt. Scape terete, 6-18 inches high, slender, bearing an erect umbel. Stamens and style exserted. Bulb-coats membranous. Capsule 6-crested. - N.W., not very common.

6. A. reticulatum, Fraser. Scape 3-8 inches high. Bulbs densely and coarsely fibrous coated. Stamens not exserted. Capsule crested. - N. W.

16. Hemerocal'lis

L. Day-Lily. H. fulva, L. (Common Day-Lily.) Inner divisions of the tawny orange perianth wavy and obtuse. - Escaped from gardens occasionally.