Bank-scented herbs (or one species shrubby), with colourless bitter juice, alternate leaves, and regular pentamerous and pentandrous flowers, but a 2-celled (in Nicandra 3-5-celled) ovary, with the placentae in the axis. Fruit a many-seeded berry or pod.

Synopsis Of The Genera

1. Sola'num. Corolla wheel-shaped, 5-lobed, the margins turned inward in the bud. Anthers conniving around the style, the cells opening by pores at the apex; filaments very short. The larger leaves often with an accompanying smaller one. Fruit a berry.

2. Phys'alis. Calyx 5-cleft, enlarging after flowering, becoming at length much inflated, and, enclosing the berry. Corolla between wheel-shaped and funnel-form. Anthers separate, opening length-wise. Plant clammy-pubescent.

3. Nican'dra. Calyx 5-parted, 5-angled, the divisions rather arrowshaped, enlarged and bladder-like in fruit, enclosing the 3-5-celled globular dry berry. A smooth herb, 2-3 feet high, with pale blue flowers.

4. Ly'cium. Corolla funnel-form or tubular. Fruit a small berry, the calyx persistent but not inflated. A shrubby plant with long drooping branches and greenish-purple flowers on slender peduncles fascicled in the axils.

5. Hyoscy'amus. Fruit a pod, the top coming off like a lid. Calyx urnshaped, 5-lobed, persistent. Corolla funnel-form, oblique, the limb 5-lobed, dull-coloured and veiny. Plant clammy-pubescent.

6. Datura. Fruit a large prickly naked pod. Calyx long, 5-angled, not persistent. Corolla very large, funnel-form, strongly plaited in the bud, with 5 pointed lobes. Stigma 2-lipped. Rank-scented weeds, with the showy flowers in the forks of the branching stems.

7. Nicotia'na. Fruit a pod, enclosed in the calyx. Calyx tubular-bellshaped, 5-cleft. Corolla dull greenish-yellow, funnel-form,plaited in the bud. Leaves large. Flowers racemed or panicled.

1. Sola'num. Tourn. Nightshade

1. S. Dulcama'ra, L. (Bittersweet.) Stem somewhat shrubby and climbing. Leaves ovate and heart-shaped, the upper halberd-shaped, or with 2 ear-like lobes at the base. Flowers violet-purple, in small cymes. Berries red. - Near dwellings and in moist grounds.

2. S. nigrum, L. (Common Nightshade.) Stem low and spreading, branched. Leaves ovate, wavy-toothed. Flowers small, white, drooping in umbel-like lateral clusters. Berries black. - Fields and damp grounds.

3. S. rostratum. Dunal, is a prickly herb with large yellow flowers and sharp anthers. - Ottawa.

2. Phys'alis. L. Ground Cherry

1. P. visco'sa, L. (P. Virginiana, Mill, in Macoun's Catalogue.) Corolla greenish-yellow, brownish in the centre-Anthers yellow. Leaves ovate or heart-shaped, mostly toothed. Berry orange, sticky. - Sandy soil.

2. P. grandiflo'ra, Hook. Corolla white, large, with a woolly ring in the throat. Anthers tinged with blue or violet.

3. Nicavdra. Adans. Apple Of Peru

N. physaloi'des, Gaertn. Leaves ovate, sinuate-toothed or angled. Flowers solitary on axillary and terminal peduncles. - Escaped from gardens in some places.

4. Ly'cium

L. Matrimony-Vine. L. vulga're, Dunal. Common about dwellings. Berry oval, orange-red.

5. Hyoscy'amus. Tourn. Henbane

H. niger, L. (Black Henbane.) Escaped from gardens in some localities. Corolla dull yellowish, netted with purple veins. Leaves clasping, sinuate-toothed. A strong-scented and poisonous herb.

6. Datu'ra. L. Stramonium. Thorn-Apple

1. D. Stramo'nium, L. (Common Thorn-Apple.) Stem green. Corolla white, 3 inches long. Leaves ovate, sinuate-toothed. - Roadsides.

2. D. Tat'ula, L. (Purple T.) Stem purple. Corolla pale violet-purple.

6. Nicotia'na

L. Tobacco. N. rus'tica, L. (Wild Tobacco.) Old fields and in gardens.