Herbs or low shrubs, with simple entire leaves and regular polyandrous flowers. Calyx persistent, usually of 3 large and 2 smaller sepals. Petals 5 or 3, convolute in the bud. Stamens 3-20. Pod 1-celled, 3-valved. Seeds on 3 parietal projections.

Synopsis Of The Genera

1. Helian'themum. Petals 5, fugacious. Style none.

2. Hudso'nia. Petals 5, fugacious. Style long and slender.

3. Lech'ea. Petals 3, persistent. Style none.

1. Helian'themum. Tourn. Rock-Rose

H. Canadense, Michx. (Frost-weed.) Flowers of two sorts, some solitary, with large yellow corolla and many stamens, the petals lasting but one day after the flower opens; others small, clustered in the axils of the leaves, and apetalous. Leaves lanceolate, downy beneath. - Sandy places.

2. Hudso'nia. L. Hudsonia

1. H. tomento'sa, Nutt. (Downy H.) Hoary. Leaves oval or narrowly oblong, short, close-pressed, or imbricated. Flowers small, sessile, yellow, very numerous. - A little heathlike shrub, on the shores of the Great Lakes and the River St. Lawrence.

2. H. erieoi'des, L. Downy, but greenish. Leaves slender, awl-shaped. Flowers on slender naked stalks. - Dry soil, Atl. coast.

3. Lech'ea, L. Plnweed

1. L. minor, Lam. (Smaller P.) Flowers inconspicuous, purplish, loosely racemose, on distinct pedicels. Stem slender, rough with appressed scattered hairs, producing radical shoots. Leaves scattered, linear. Pods the size of a pin's head. - Dry soil.

2. L. major, Michx. Stem 1-2 feet high, stout, very leafy, villous with spreading hairs, producing prostrate branches at the base. Leaves elliptical, mucronate. Flowers densely crowded, on very short pedicels. - Dry soil, S. W. Ontario.